New Service-WWUD Fees

To obtain water service at a new home or business, or to sign up for an existing home or business, you may come into our office to sign a contract and pay a Connection Fee.  The Connection Fees can be found below.  We ask that you please come in at least 24 hours prior to needing the service turned on in your name.

Or you may sign up by email; we will email you the information and contract.  You will have to sign the contract, have it notarized and email back to us along with a photo I.D., preferably your driver's license.  We will collect the connection fee by credit or debit card.  We do ask that you give us 24 hours notice if possible prior to needing the service turned on in your name.  Please call our office at 615-758-5682 to get the email sign up process started.



Residential Connection Fee  $40 (see below for Commercial Connection Fee Schedule)

  1. Reset Fee $35 or $70 after hours
  2. Bad Check Fee $25
  3. Residential Tap 3/4" - $2,200 (includes meter & installation)
  4. Residential Watering Tap 3/4" - $2,200 (includes meter & installation)


Click Here to see the Commercial Connection and Development Fees

Click Here to see the Development Fees.