Development Fees

Application Fees at $60.00 per lot or $240.00 per acre,  Non-refundable

Plans in paper and electronic file forms must be submitted to West Wilson Utility District, not  sent directly to the Engineer.

When State Approved Plans are returned, the following fees must ALL be paid up front and documents provided before any work can begin:

  • State Review Fees
  • 12% Contract (Legal & Administration)
  • Plans Deposit of $500 to pick up a set of State Approved Plans (Refundable when plans are returned)
  • Development Fees at $2,000.00 per lot (Residential Only)  
    (Includes $1,300.00 Lot Fee & $700.00 Capacity Fee)    
  • Multi-family Development Fees at $2,000.00 per unit on single tap, plus applicable tap fee
  • Letter of Credit, Contract, and Deed


$2,500 or $2.50 per square foot whichever is greater.  By paying this fee, commerical
developments are now allowed to submeter.  Existing commercial customers may also pay
this fee to begin submetering.  Other requirements will need to be met before submetering
can begin.


Schools (Non-public)
$40.00 per student

Child Day Care Facility

$40.00 per child  (licensed capacity)



General Category(Based on Sq Ft)

Industrial Facility/Manufacturing
Shopping Center/Mall (no food service)
Office Building
Medical Center w/o Beds
Restaurants with no seating
$.75 per sq. ft for first 5,000 sq. ft. under roof
$.50 per sq. ft for the next 5,000 sq. ft. under roof
$.25 per sq. ft for the next 10,000 sq. ft. under roof
$.10 per sq. ft for the next 80,000 sq. ft. under roof
$.05 per sq. ft for the next 100,000 sq. ft. under roof
$250.00 per rental unit
$75.00 per seat
Self-Service Laundries
$250.00 per washing or cleaning unit
Theaters, Auditorium Type
$10.00 per seat
Car Wash
$250.00 each bay
Medical Center w/Beds
$1.00 per sq. ft total floor area
Nursing Homes
$.50 per sq. ft. total floor area
Assisted Living
$.50 per sq. ft. total floor area
$.20 per sq. ft. for first 50,000 sq. ft. under roof
$.10 per sq. ft for all over 50,000 sq. ft. under roof


Any food service added to any of the above categories will be charged $45.00 per seat
Capacity Fees on Existing Buildings:
On existing commercial property, no capacity fee will be charged unless tap is upsized and/or additional taps or fire lines are added; then capacity fees will be due on the entire building or complex.  If partitions are already up and the existing tap will serve a portion of the building and the new tap will serve the rest of the building, then capacity fees will be charged only on the portion the new tap will serve.  If new portion should be a restaurant, capacity fees will be charged according to seating.  Complexes may pay capacity fees in a lump sum instead of dividing them into individual units.